Mermaid Starfish Headband


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There are way too many benefits to being a mermaid. You get to spend so much time swimming around in the ocean and playing with all the sea-dwelling creatures including dolphins, and you get to make jewelry out of so many cool things! We don’t think pearl divers will ever go out of business here on the surface because they’re so sought after, and mermaids get the chance to snag some anytime they want! On top of that, have you seen how gorgeous starfish and other shells look on necklaces? We’re a little jealous. So we worked on making some deals with mermaids a while back and have successfully been able to trade some human costumes to them in exchange for these awesome Mermaid Starfish Headbands. They don’t allow you to breathe underwater or grow a tail (we tried to get the magic ones) but it will look fantastic in your hair with your next mermaid costume. Just hang out around the pool and let your imagination do the rest.