Mermaid Pastease Purple Shell Pasties




Undersea SecretsThere is a lot we don’t know about mermaid life. Maybe that’s one reason we find the aquatic divas so irresistible when it comes to daydreaming. What are they up to, down under the waves? You know the basics. They sleep in giant clam shells and spend most of their time singing on sun-dappled rocks as they comb their long, salt tangled hair. But that’s just how we get to glimpse them from the surface.We’d love to see the secret lives that they keep. How do they let loose in the deep tides? What games do they play? How do they avoid the dangers, do they face them head on or are there already safety nets in place? Maybe you’ll get some insight on mermaid living the next time you’re in mermaid mode. Get into character with a playful twist when you integrate these sparkly pasties into your look!Product DetailsYou can rely on these latex-free pasties staying in place, even as you dance to your siren song. Made of hypoallergenic silicone, they are safe for long wear. Looking for more details to make your mermaid look just right? Check out our face jewels, makeup sets, and gorgeous wigs. With details this stunning, your club or party look is sure to cause a mystical splash!