Mermaid Leggings for Adults


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Tough ShipWhat would we do if we transformed into a mermaid on our next trip to the ocean? Well, for some reason we’re sure there would be a cave full of wonders nearby.Now, we might have a certain little mermaid to blame for our belief in a treasure strewn ocean but a quick google about explorative dives will show you that our wishes are based on reality! Divers find boats that are over three thousand years old, underwater temples from long-forgotten cities, and mammoth skulls. Sure, none of these are trunks full of gold but what would a mermaid do with gold anyway. We think swimming through the grand halls of a mysterious underwater temple would be much more interesting!Product DetailsWe wouldn’t blame you if you made these leggings a part of your everyday wardrobe. The multi-color shiny fabric has an eye-catching scale pattern and plenty of stretch. Paired with the rest of our “mer” accessories, they’re the perfect way to put together a laid-back mermaid look!Getting DeepWhether you dream of exploring the ocean floor, racing with dolphins, or laying back under luxurious waterfalls, you’ll be glad you made such a comfortable choice. After all, once you transform once, it’s hard to leave your nautical ways behind!