Men’s Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume


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We Heart this CostumeYou’re every romantic comedy’s dream guy: a handsome, woodsy, small-town man who seems cold on the outside but is just searching for someone to open his heart. Maybe you’ll hate that special someone at first, or not get along because you’re such different people. But eventually you’ll start to see each other’s charms. (Of course, you’ll have excellent chemistry, too.) This Halloween let the world know you’re looking for your heart with this Wizard of Oz Tin Man costume! Imagine, if you had a heart, you’d be gentle and awful sentimental regarding love and art. You could be friends with sparrows and the boys who shoot the arrows, if you only had a heart! Well, maybe the last two are only desirable to the actual Tin Woodsman. If not sparrows, this costume is sure to bring you a night of fun! Fun DetailsThis bright silver costume is fashioned to look like the body of our favorite tin man. Silver buttons down the front look like rivets, and there is a faux leather bow tie at the top for some class. The shoulders, elbows, and knees are adorned with armor to highlight your hopefully-not-squeaky joints. Complete the look with our Tin Woodsman axe, hat nose, and chin accessories. Then all you need is a can of oil and some face paint and you’re dressed to impress!Out of the WoodsIn the end, the woodsy, handsome, small-town man finds love and the Tin Man finds out he had a heart all along. So, if you’re looking for love or a heart, keep searching! If you’re looking for a solid costume, we’ve got you covered. We might not be the Wizard of Oz, but we sure make great costumes. Oil up your joints, get the whole gang together, and follow the yellow brick road to Emerald City (or a party, your choice)! Just be sure to avoid the rain so you don’t rust.