Men’s Wig – Silver Fox


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The Advantage of AgeMany people stop looking forward to their birthdays after a certain point. (We won’t say a specific number.) They don’t like the reminder that they’re getting older. They complain about new aches and pains, changing hair, and worse eyesight. But there are some perks to aging as well! You qualify for senior discounts, you continue to get smarter, and many people report that you stop worrying so much about others’ opinions of you. We think that you can age gracefully, or as some people say, “like a fine wine.” If you’re looking for that mature appearance, but you’re just still too young (or you’re cursed with a severe case of baby-face), this silver fox wig can help!Product DetailsThis silver fox wig can help you capture that wise demeanor and look great doing it! Use it to complete a variety of costumes, like “successful business owner” or “actor who looks better now than he did 20 years ago.” Or, just wear it to your favorite restaurant to get that coveted senior discount!Grey and GorgeousWhen you’re looking for a little premature aging, or you just want to switch up your style, try this silver fox wig. The saying might be “Age before beauty,” but we don’t see why you can’t have both!