Men’s Trolls Guy Diamond Costume


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Who Wants a Hug?Hugs are the greatest thing in the world! That’s why there are so many different kinds: The Bear Hug, the Best Friend Squeeze, the Bro Double Tap, the Sticky Fingers Shirt Wipe Hug, the Clinging Koala Hug, the Side Hug, the Polite Hug, the No-Arms Hug (harder than it looks), the From-Behind Hug, and the Flying Tackle Hug, to name just a few. Science tells us that ten hugs a day are important for maintaining good emotional health.Guy Diamond knows that everyone needs a hug, from his Snack Pack friends to random Troll passers-by. If you are a friend who is always bubbling over with warmth and good cheer, this is the costume for you! Remember, it isn’t about not knowing the meaning of the phrase “personal bubble” – it’s about sharing your joie de vivre with your loved ones!Product Details Get ready to be your huggable best in this officially licensed Trolls Adult Guy Diamond costume! Wear it to your next party: This silvery, shiny, 100 percent polyester bodysuit is perfect for showing off all of your best dance moves and wiggles. Anyone who needs a little hug therapy will be easily able to find you in a crowd. The electric green nose attaches via an elastic that wraps around your head, making it easy to wear. The big silver gloves are easy to put on and remove, and they are fantastic for jazz hands. Add Guy Diamond’s signature shock of bright white hair, and you’re set to jam and jive your auto-tuned best!The Friendliest Troll Even your friend who claims he isn’t a touchy-feely person will smile to see you in your glittery Guy Diamond getup! Just like this unique troll, you’ll be ready to sing, dance, and hug your way through life.