Men’s Suitmeister Pimp Suit Costume


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His business is his business, not ours. Sure, he doesn’t punch a timecard at a typical nine-to-five gig. He doesn’t do any heavy lifting or sit behind a keyboard for hours entering data. When you see him on the street, you’ll think: “that man looks like an entrepreneur. And the prize for Best Dressed goes to… You, if you wear this slim-fitting Suitmaster Pimp Men’s Suit of ours, of course.Every year there’s a costume party or two. It has all the same people you see all the time, and they’re always wearing the tried-and-true costumes you expected. Not literally, but close enough: Conner is always dressed as a super hero. Jamie is always dressed as an angel, or a butterfly, or something else with wings. Everyone is out there playing it safe. But you don’t have to! You can waltz into the pub or the costume party oozing confidence in this fully lined purple suit jacket with zebra print accents. You can go the extra mile with a few accessories that exude attitude, like a cane or a top hat. You don’t have to, though! We think there’s enough attitude packed in the pants! We over-did it with the extra attitude in the jacket, so anything else is extra. Just expect questions about what you…do exactly. Have a response waiting for them. “What do you do?” they ask. “I make people really, really happy.” There you go. Something like that. Just be prepared, because in our trial runs we were not. We froze up, not ready for the question, and said “erm, we do accounting.” They didn’t buy it.