Men’s Plus Size White Rabbit Costume 2X 3X


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JUST IN TIME!We’ve finally figured it out. After decades of that poor White Rabbit rushing beyond Alice and crying about being late, we finally understand what went wrong! No longer will this little guy need to worry about angering the Queen of Hearts and risking his adorable noggin being lopped off. No longer will he have to sadly decline an invitation to join the March Hare for a delightful tea party with the Mad Hatter. (In fact, he just got a hat upgrade now that he’s able to make it on time!) Turns out that the whole time, the White Rabbit was bogged down by trying to get ready for all of his activities. One would think that a nice jacket would only take a quick minute and he’d be hopping down the lane and down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. But, nope! Attaining a reasonable courtly style takes quite a while. We should have figured, though. After all, with all the bunnies in the burrow, they hardly have the space to store their stellar suits! We have good news, though. We have a look that is going to be perfect and will have any rushing rabbit ready to go in a snap! DESIGN & DETAILSOur design team has been hard at work ever since discovering the cause of the White Rabbit’s delay. We’ve come up with this Made by Us costume that is sure to solve that problem and more! It is time to enjoy this White Rabbit costume! This look features a pair of white pants with an elastic fit, a vest with an ornate-looking custom print, and a red jacket with a tuxedo slit and a puffy white rabbit tail sewn on the back. The gloves and hood match the pants and the latter has large rabbit ears coming out of a top hat that looks like it was hand-delivered by the Mad Hatter. Complete your look with the proper bow tie! “WHERE WERE YOU?” You will be able to give the Queen of Hearts a knowing smile and ask where she’s been once you’re ready for your Wonderland day in a blink thanks to this White Rabbit costume. (Of course, we don’t recommend commenting on the Queen’s schedule—that’s a beheading waiting to happen!)