Men’s Plus Size Santa’s Helper Costume


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Elf-ImprovementThis is a big year for the North Pole. There are more kid’s on the nice list than ever. And here’s the thing, kids aren’t writing about rocking horses and rag dolls anymore. They want the breaking edge technology. Video games, interactive moving toys, and slime kits. All the wood carvers and doll makers that have been honing their skills through the century have switched to soldering wires and putting together motherboards. But don’t worry too much all of Santa’s helpers like a challenge. The busier they are the more spirit goes into their Christmas caroling. Are you ready to jump into the joyous hustle and bustle? You’ll need a cheerful elf costume to help you fit in and you’ll be fa-la-la-la-laing with the rest of them in no time!Product Details & DesignA holy jolly nature comes naturally when you’re wearing this red and green ensemble. Our in house designers put plenty of love into this exclusive Made by Us elf costume! It features a long-sleeved green tunic with pom poms on the geometric hem as well as the red collar. Red shorts are layered under that so you can stay comfortable while rushing around in the workshop. The look is finished off with curved elf shoe covers and the classic long elf cap. Getting Into Cheer GearHave you been singing Christmas songs since the first bite of cold air hit in October? Are you the kind of adult that still wants to build snowmen and snow angels? Whether you’re getting dressed for a holiday party, a Santa Claus workshop gig, or any other of the events on the long list of holiday events, this plus size elf costume can be worn again and again. Finish off your costume with festive socks and practice your unshakable elf-like enthusiasm. Is there a better way to wear Christmas cheer on your sleeve?