Men’s Murica Costume


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Stars and Stripes ForeverIs your favorite state Texas? Do you love baseball, apple pie, and the National Anthem? Does the sound of cracking open a cold one on the Fourth of July make you say “Hell, yeah!”? My dude, you are clearly meant to be Murica’s poster boy!You’re not a redneck, despite what others may say. Your patriotism is so enthusiastic because you have a natural appreciation for the finer things America has to offer. Others may turn up their noses at Walmart, McDonalds, and other American-made institutions, but you see them as great equalizers, symbols of your country’s admirable democracy! In what other nation can you buy fries at 2 a.m. after taking your Harley-Davidson for a late-night joyride? Murica!So show your spirit and proudly wear this fine outfit that proclaims your devotion to the Red, White and Blue!Product DescriptionPledge allegiance to this awesome Men’s Murica costume! The black muscle shirt with “MURICA” printed in caps on the front proclaims your devotion to your native land. The cropped pants have the Stars on one leg and the Stripes on the other – just what Betsy Ross really envisioned when she first dreamed up the flag. An elastic waistband and blue and red rib-knit cuffs hold the pants in place while you tell your friends “Hold my beer and watch this!” The blue athletic socks are 18 inches long, ending just under the pants’ cuffs. Hold your important stuff in the 100 percent polyurethane foam fanny pack with a star and “USA” printed in white on the front. The elastic waistband has a hook and loop fastener. Add the red, white, and blue headband and you’re ready to celebrate!Born in the USABust out your Springsteen records and party on, Murica-style! It’s an outfit the Founding Fathers would definitely have worn, if they hadn’t already been committed to the wig and shoe buckle look.