Men’s Luigi Cosplay Romper


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He’s DownLuigi is up for anything. Just look at all of the video games he’s been in over the last few decades. Head to the Mushroom Kingdom to save his brother’s gal? Sure, he’s down. Want to hop into some Mario Karts and do a bit of racing? Yeah, why not? Hey, how about a couple games of tennis against Bowser? He just needs to go grab his racket. How about a rousing outing of ghost hunting in a spooky mansion? He’s up for it.Yeah, Luigi’s long legacy with Nintendo has proven that he’s definitely game for whatever life throws at him. If you plan on cosplaying as the one and only Luigi, then you’d better bring your “anything goes” kind of attitude with. Also, you’d better be wearing his classic outfit if you want to cosplay as him. That’s a necessity!Product DetailsWith this Super Mario Luigi romper, it’s easier than ever to become the Nintendo character. The romper is a comfy, single piece outfit. It has short sleeves and a zipper in the front for fitting. The bottoms are navy blue and are designed to look like a pair of coveralls. The top portion is bright green. The attached hood even has a little brim to mimic the look of Luigi’s hat and the top has a giant “L” printed onto it.Super Brother PowerOnce you have this on, who knows what sort of adventures you’ll go on! You might head on a date with Daisy, or you might just be invited to a Mario Party. Or maybe you’ll just decide to hang out with Toad inside one of his Mushroom Houses. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll be ready for anything, just like Luigi, when you have this romper. Be sure to check out our matching Mario romper to become the iconic duo with your best bud!