Men’s Indiana Jones Plus Size Premium Costume


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Making Archaeology Cool AgainIndiana Jones made archaeology cool. Before Raiders of the Lost Ark, people thought that archaeology was nothing but dusting off some old bones they dug out of the ground. Then, Indy swooped in with his stylish hat and his trusty whip, finding magical treasures and defeating evil fascists, and everyone wanted to become an archaeologist. We even went through an Indiana Jones phase ourselves… and after some further investigation, it turns out that real archeology isn’t actually running away from booby traps and swinging through ancient temples. It actually is digging up bones and old vases.But hey, we can still dream about wearing a cool jacket as we head on dangerous quests on the other side of the Earth! And with this Premium Plus Size Indiana Jones Costume, you can head on your own adventure.Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume is a plus size version of our premium Indy costume. It’ll turn you into the adventuring archaeologist in no time! The brown faux leather jacket looks like the one worn by Harrison Ford in the films and it has a zipper in center front. It also features functional pockets on the sides. The molded felt hat completes the outfit, helping you look like the iconic movie character!