Men’s Evil Sorcerer Costume


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When you’re a sorcerer, life is just magic. Anything you want can be yours with the snap of your fingers and the utterance of some ancient words of power. So when you’re a Men’s Evil Sorcerer, you’ll be doing nothing but satisfying your basest desires. Beer. Abracadabra! Hot chicks. Alakazam! A Porsche and a full Ed Hardy wardrobe. Sim sala bim! It’s all yours in seconds. You know it’s wrong, but it feels so right!Evil sorcerers get up to all kinds of mischief: bargains with otherworldly entities, dark rituals under cover of night, and they even have to chew out their mooks when they inevitably mess up. And that’s just in their off time! Whether your goal is prolonging your life beyond its natural limit, conquering the world, or just revenge on that one pesky band of heroes, it must feel fantastic to be an evil male wizard. Think of all the greats you can count among your number: Saruman, Gargamel, Voldemort, the head of the Klu Klux Klan…This Men’s Evil Sorcerer Costume is 100 percent polyester doubleknit and velvet––sorry, we couldn’t source any Netherweave or Runecloth. Maybe you could help us with that once you become a mage? It has wide-hanging sleeves with velvet edge bands, so you can store all kinds of tricks up your huge sleeves. The hood has a wide cowl collar with velvet edge bands too. Wear it down over your eyes and no one will be able to tell who you are, if multiple major film franchise are to be believed. I mean, we can all tell who you are from the bottom half of your face, but go for it. The velvet waist sash has fringed ends for that little rugged touch––you’re a sorcerer, not a princess.