Men’s Distressed USA Flag Tank Tee




Calling for the Stars and StripesWhoohoo! It’s time to get all U-S-A up in here! Do you feel the same way? There might be an occasion coming up that calls for the stars and stripes, or maybe you’re just feeling particularly patriotic. We think awesome events like the Olympics or the 4th of July are great times to bust out flag costumes and apparel, but we also think any old time is perfectly appropriate to show a little love for the USA. So, you know what to do. You gotta get some USA t-shirts!Product DetailsThis Men’s USA Flag Tank Tee has a printed design of the American flag featured on the front with a decidedly distressed pattern. It’s 100 percent cotton and has a standard fit. When you’ve got summer activities lined up for fun, you’re gonna have the perfect style with this tank top!Summer StyleOf course, when it’s summer, that inevitably means it’s tank top season. So, just get yourself this Men’s Distressed USA Flag Tank! Super fashionable, and super American, this flag tank will have you decked out in the star and stripes, and have you staying cool, too, with its tank top cut. Now that’s a win-win!