Men’s Deluxe Wizard Costume


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Let’s face it: Being a wizard can be a lonely business. First, you spend all that time with books and potions all day long because your life and the lives of the rest of the people in your land literally depend on it. Then, you’ve got to seek out those foes and monsters in order to try that stuff out, which usually involves longs treks along treacherous land…and you can barely even find someone to go to the movies with, much less follow you into enemy territory! And then, when that’s all over, it’s back to the tower to conjure up even more powerful spells. Like, where’s the life/work balance?Look, we’re not judging…who has time to clean a beard and darn a hole when you’re busy trying to find the antidote to a spell that turns people into honey badgers? But listen, pal…you’re not going to make any friends with that slovenly appearance. In fact, the more ragged you look, the less people are going to trust you with their magical needs, dig?So do yourself a favor and spruce yourself up with this exclusive adult deluxe wizard costume. The pale blue long-sleeved tunic is roomy and comfortable – perfect for extra-long quests – and even comes with a belt for those times when you show off your trim figure. There’s also a hooded robe with wide hanging sleeves and metallic silver brocade ribbon edging, which definitely steps up your game in the whole “Official Wizard Business” department. We also suggest getting yourself a pair of gloves (protects your hands when you’re doing all that wand waving in frigid temps) and maybe even a beard or a wig for those days when you just don’t feel like doing your hair. Even though…well, have you even tried to come with a spell for that? It seems like you would, being a wizard and all, but…we get it! You have more important things to do! Alakazam!