Men’s Da Vinci Wig


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This is kind of embarrassing, but we first knew Leonardo da Vinci as that one painter guy that one of the Ninja Turtles was named after (hey, we’re no history experts here). We did a little research and it turns out that he’s one pretty cool dude. He painted some awesome pieces, like the Mona Lisa and he even sketched up some plans for a helicopter. Of course, technology back then wasn’t like it is today, so most people probably just thought he had his head in the clouds. Oh, and did we mention that he had some wild hair and a beard? Now, you can get his Renaissance-man style with ease!This Da Vinci Wig brings you the look of the Italian artist (not the Ninja Turtle). The wig features some synthetic silvery locks that will have you looking like a genius from the Renaissance, so make sure to have that paint brush ready!