Men’s Blue Snowman Suitmeister Suit


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Real snowmen get no happy ending. Snowmen have one of the saddest stories around. Every year during the cold, cold embrace of winter, they come into existence when young children sing that song they heard from that one animated movie. They head out into the snowy winter wonderland and roll up balls of snow, place carrots and old clothes on it, then watch them as they slowly melt out of existence as the spring months roll in. They never get to see the glorious spring and summer months and they never get to enjoy lying at the beach. What a tragic twist of fate for them!You, however, get to continue on through the winter to experience the warm sunlight of summer trickle down from the sky. You get to enjoy ice cold lemonade on the beach. You get to watch the flowers bloom and the birds sing their happy song. It’s really not quite fair, but now, you can help the snowmen brethren of the world by wearing a suit to celebrate those few months of the years that we get to enjoy their company.This Snowman Suitmeister suit brings you a stylish suit that pays homage to the humble snowman. It comes with a suit jacket, pants and a matching tie, all of which have a pattern filled with snowmen, presents and snowflakes. It’s the perfect thing to wear during Christmas, instead of an ugly sweater, but it also makes for great attire to the next candlelight vigil you hold for all the poor snowmen souls that we’ve lost over the many years.