Men’s Beach Bum Wig


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Yeah, yeah. Shooting the perfect wave, hanging ten, waxing your board, and so on. This wig could come in useful for a lot of different kinds of costumes, so we’re not just going to make a lot of surfing puns.Like, if you were going to be a caveman, man, you could wear this frizzy wig with it, and it would make you look so totally old. Cause hair takes a long time to grow, you know? Or if you wanted to play rock n’ roll, bro, you could plop this bad boy up top, there, and everybody would think you were just an absolute monster shredder. And is it, like, a crime to spend some quality time in the sun and sand now and again? Because if so, they’re gonna have to lock everybody up.See? Just one surfing pun. We’ll leave the rest to you!