Melissa & Doug Dress Up Princess Wands


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Remembering the MagicWhen your child was explaining the differences between fairy magics you weren’t being 100% attentive. But there’s a lot to keep up with, so we don’t blame you. What you remember, with absolute certainty, is that each type of fairy magic requires a different wand. Not wanting to get it wrong when you select a wand for your little one’s fairy costume you dig into the back of your mind for the rest of your magic lesson. Vaguely you remember they said something about plants and animals, nighttime, princesses, and… was it shapes? It’s hard to be sure, but it’s easy to cover your bases with a 4-pack of wands!Product DetailsThis set of Dress Up Princess Wands from Melissa & Doug give your kiddo their choice of fairy magic! They can choose nature with the pink butterfly or royalty with the golden heart that looks like a crown. Let them weave magical bedtime stories with the silver star or (honestly, was it shapes?) build castles and fortresses with the purple scepter-shaped wand. No matter where their fairytales take them, with these durable wands are up for the adventure!Playtime MagicGive your kid the gift of magic with these Melissa & Doug dress-up wands! With 4 unique wands to choose from, they’ll be ready to imagine and play however they wish!