Mehron White Premium Greasepaint Makeup 0.7 oz


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A Whiter Shade of PaleWe learned a while back that tanning is just no good for your skin. After years of searching for a deep tan, we’ve decided to get off that track and look for a whole new extreme. But what standards should we strive for? We were thinking of walking around, looking like we rubbed dandelion all over our faces but people immediately were asking if we were feeling ill. Blue had a similar effect except people kept randomly throwing blankets over our shoulders and asking if we got locked in a freezer somewhere. Then on a beautiful summer day that we were desperately avoiding due to the danger of UV rays, we were sampling cheeses and ice cream at our local creamery and we noticed the intense lack of color in a vat of milk. And we knew immediately, that was the answer to our complexion issue, we were going to go milky white like a block of delicious gouda. Product DetailsThis cake of white oil-based makeup is a staple of any collection. Apply it with a sponge for an even pallor. White is a must for most looks and when you’re ready to head back to your normal hue, you can wash it off with soap and water. Cast of CharactersNow that you’ve got white face paint in your arsenal, plenty of face paint characters are at your fingertips. Become a friendly, neighborhood ghost or shake things up with a couple different colors and become a cute brown white spotted puppy dog or an orange and white striped tiger. Who knew white could be so wild!