Mehron Premium Red Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 oz


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THE LEADER OF THE CREWSo, your friends have all decided it is time to do a pretty epic group costume and they want you to be the leader.  Now, we think that a group rainbow costume is a brilliant idea, and for more than just because it is literally made of light! Still, leading the look of our most famous atmospheric phenomena is going to seem like a daunting task, but we know that you have it in you.  It will require patience, stability, and the willingness to stand outside and in front.  Fortunately, science has taught us all that you need to know!PRODUCT DETAILSTurn yourself into the very epitome of Red with this Premium Red Greasepaint.  This .5 oz can of oil-based makeup applies easily and can be set to seeming permanence with some simple powder.  You’ll be the most epic wavelength of light in no time and you can feel certain that it’s going to stay well after the sun has set.  When you’re ready to retire, yourself, cold cream and a splash of water is all you need! LONGER THAN THE WAVELENGTHRed is the clear leader of all group teams because it is passionate and patient all at once.  You need to last the whole adventure, so the slower and longest band of the rainbow is the clear way to go.  Keep your look lasting all night, too, with our premium greasepaint colors.