Mehron Premium Purple Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 oz


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ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIE SMURF!The age-old question of what happens when a smurf is suffocated has yet to be convincingly answered.  Unfortunately, though, we have been able to answer what happens when a smurf is suddenly afflicted with the latest spread of zombie doom!  They turn purple! Zombie smurfs need to be avoided at all costs.  This is rather difficult because they’re typically small and hard to notice.  Fortunately, their bites are more like little nibbles.  However, even a little nibble can turn you into a giant purple zombie smurf.  Camouflage is basically your only defense, so be prepared! PRODUCT DETAILSThe best way to prepare for any invasive zombie outbreak is to mask your presence.  And, you can’t risk your disguise falling apart!  So, this Premium Purple Greasepaint is the way to go for all your smurfing zombie precautions.  Once this makeup is applied and powdered, it’ll stay secure until you wipe it away with makeup remover or cold cream.  Perfect even for regular zombie looks to get that beautiful bruised look.  DANGEROUSLY CONVINCINGWhen you gear up into your perfectly purple look, you’re going to look so convincing that you’ll be able to walk side by side with zombies, faeries, or any other purple pals you choose!  Of course, if you are actually turned, nobody else will know that it isn’t just a disguise, but we suppose that helps you out either way!