Mehron Premium Black Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 oz


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NO DARK ARTS REQUIREDWhen you’re trying to pull off the right look to match the rest of your gothic, zombie, dark sorcerer, or color-coded secret ninja team, there are certain steps that you’re expected to take.  (You know you can’t argue versus those dark eyes!)The problem is that transformations into the sullen-eyed or gripped-by-death look almost always require contact with creatures from the underworld and pacts that involve your souls.  It’s just so… boring.  All that paperwork?  Ugh!  And, the ancient dark gods always want to chatter about their roleplaying character for eons.  Who has the time? PRODUCT DETAILSSave your time and your soul while giving you the dark look that you desperately desire with this Premium Black Greasepaint.  This makeup is clearly crafted from the bleakest of soot-covered hellscapes and will hold its look with ease once set with powder.  Your fellow undead, warlocks or undead warlocks are going to be so jealous.NOT TODAY, BEELZEBUB!Who needs all the mess of underworld dealings to get the look you want when you can do it all yourself with the right materials!  Refine that look with ease thanks to this premium makeup and save your time for your own dark desires.