Mehron Moonlight White Premium Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 oz


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HAUNTING AND HOLYTrue magic is what happens when you can blend two opposite things and create something entirely new.  That’s probably why so many look up to the night sky in wonder at the glowing moonlight.  Here we’ve got a dark hunk of rock floating in space, but add the mystery of night and a haunting glow and you’ve got something that can create countless legends!With the right inspiration, you can combine the celestial wonder of the heavens with that very same haunting glow and make sure that you’re talked about all night as well! PRODUCT DETAILSElevate your look to the heavens with this Premium Moonlight White Greasepaint.  Whether you’re looking for the pale look of a tormented ghost, the holy glow of an angel, or even combine the two looks, this pristine makeup is the perfect way to achieve your look and maintain it all night.  Easily applied and set with powder, this paint holds your look for all your needs. ETERNALLY ETHEREAL There’s nothing worse than getting ready to show off the perfect phantasmal face only to have your ghostly look fading away because your paint was poor!  Keep that gorgeous look of the grave sticking around for the whole Day of the Dead with this Moonlight Greasepaint.