Mehron Color Cup Yellow Make-Up


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Trying to pull off the classic Lego person look? Do you want to be your favorite Simpsons character, even if it’s just for a night? Or maybe you want to dress up like something from nature, such as a beautiful flower, or a buzzing bumble bee, or even the sun, but still, you just can’t seem to find that perfect final touch to make your costume complete. Well, instead of seeing you lose sleep over this problem, we’d like to help you make sure that your costume is everything you had hoped it would be… and so that you are plenty rested up for the big day. After all, Halloween only comes around once a year and you’ve got to go all out! So here is our advice to you, get your hands on this Yellow Color Cup Make-Up! You’ll have a half an ounce of this bright yellow miracle working make-up to play with and perfect the costume of your dreams!