Medusa Snake Headdress Accessory


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Slither into characterThere are a lot of wonderful goddesses in the Greek canon. There’s the goddess of the hearth, the goddess of love, the goddess of the hunt. But here’s the thing, a lot of these goddesses have some serious issues. Jealousy is a major player in many of the stories. Take Medusa, for instance, totally innocent in her story, a goddess curses her with snakes for hair after she catches the goddess’s husband’s eye. Not cool. But in the end, who’s more famous. That goddess or the once-unknown Medusa? Well, some people might be able to think of the goddess’s name but Medusa is definitely more popular!Product DetailsThis lovely golden crown will make your basic toga ensemble jaw-dropping and unique. The molded headpiece has a geometric crown base and a nest of slithering snakes with menacing red eyes. The foam interior makes this headpiece comfortable to wear for hours while the elastic band will keep your headpiece in place throughout the evening. Tipping the ScalesAre you ready to create an immortal look? This headpiece will make you look like you’re straight out of the legends. Pair this with any of our toga or goddess costumes and you’ll have a look that’ll be iconic!