Medieval Warrior Plus Size Costume for Men


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Ride or DieRiding as a free-agent on the wild stepes can be fun. You stop and raid when you want, you sleep where the grass is green, and when you want to tear ahead, there’s no one holding you back. But when you’re riding without a mission in mind, even life in the grasslands can get a little old. You’ve got to have someone to fight for and brothers to fight with. You’ve got to be driven through the dry plains through droughts and storms. Eventually, you have to have a reason to ride. Are you ready to answer the mission? Well, you can’t just show up in a t-shirt and jeans. You’re going to need the right clothing. Something that lets everyone know you’re the capable warrior that you already knew you were!Product DetailsThis deep brown costume will have you wondering why it took you so long to show the world what a tough warrior you are! It features faux an intricate harness top. The harness-style top is peppered with details and strips of black faux leather that ties into the wrist gauntlets. A flap on lighter faux leather and a loop for your sword make this costume look right at home on the back of a horse. Pair this with a long wig to make your undefeated look complete. Ride like the WindAre you ready to step into your wild warrior role? Pick out a wicked-looking prop sword, wear your hair long, and work on your most dangerous expression. Plenty of black eyeliner should help. Whether you’re heading out to a themed party or you’re heading out to conquer Halloween, this costume will make you feel like the toughest warrior on the grassy seas. Now, if you could only get someone to lend you their horse!