Meadow 70’s Women’s Costume


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It makes sense that the 1970s is called “The Me Decade,” because when you step out in this eye-catching and groovy outfit for Halloween (or an off-season masquerade, or a disco dance, or even just for the heck of it) the party will truly be all about you. With its bright and bodacious retro flower print, this costume will make you the representative of a time everyone wishes they could have been around for… and the most popular flower child in any room. For a true fan of the ’70s, there’s no better dress-up choice than this far-out Women’s Meadow 70’s Costume!The “Meadow” persona is one that makes sense in any subculture of the disco decade, whether it’s high-flying L.A. jet-setters or sunshine-loving San Francisco hippies. This costume is so on-point, we’d be willing to bet that if you wore it into a time machine and stepped out anywhere in the 70s, you’d fit right in! And the best thing about being Meadow? She’s all about the good times. This is an outfit meant for appearances at the party, and boogying down with cool cats. It makes perfect sense if your Halloween plans include going out dancing.It’s simple and easy to wear, too. The suit has just two pieces, a halter top with tassel-like strips that hang down to your thighs, and a classic miniskirt. And we’ve got plenty of 70s accessories that go great with it, including knee-high go-go boots. So for a Halloween that’s truly out of sight, party with the Women’s Meadow 70’s Costume!