Marvel Loki Plus Size Men’s Premium Costume


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Tricks and Treats Kids have been commanding the fun of Halloween for years. Going door to door and calling out their iconic phrase, being given delightful snacks, and even occasionally pulling the prank or two. Who can blame those clever scamps for the tricks that they would want to play? Of course, there are others who really know what they’re doing. Just take a gander into the night sky and you might find your gaze pulled towards Asgard and a certain god of trickery who just can’t wait to make the season his own personal holiday! Then again, Loki needs someone to keep him under control. We suspect that you might have the knack to pull off a tremendous trick like that! Product DetailsTreat yourself to the fun of becoming one of the favorite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this officially licensed and exclusive Premium Loki costume. Slide into the green & black jumpsuit and armor up with the shiny accessories. From boot covers and arm bands to the chest armor attached to the outfit, you’re ready for everything… especially an epic photo shoot. The high-horned helmet fastens around your chin and the green cape completes your transformation. Just make sure you are careful if you happen to run into one of the Infinity Stones along the way! Allusions to IllusionsSure, this Premium Loki costume might not actually gift you the magical abilities to make yourself invisible or create tricks of lights to delight and beguile your friends and family. But, there’s still the fact that you’ll feel just like the mystical prince of trickery from Asgard. Maybe learn a card trick or three and you’ll dazzle even that Doctor Strange!