Martha Washington Women’s Costume


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Got a big time historical event coming up? Does it involve the first President? Chances are, if it involves the first President, it probably involves the first First Lady too. So you’re definitely going to want to set your sights on this Martha Washington costume!Styled from the pages of history, this classic historical costume will let you bring the long deceased historical figure to life. And even though the title First Lady was not coined until after her death, you can still portray “Lady Washington” right along side her husband, President and General George Washington.Styled as a dress skirt with a jacket top, this costume set also includes a ruffled hat. You can choose to get a white wig like we have pictured, or just style your own hair with an old fashioned braid. The skirt fits with an elastic waistband and the waist, and jacket top secures in the front with touch fastener strips. The black skirt contrasts with the stripe patterned top, and the jacket is outfitted with lace details for an elegant look worthy of a real First Lady. Go with your friend or partner in a George Washington costume, and the two of you will be able to portray the first power couple of the fledgling United States of America. And we’re sure that’s going to be a total blast from the past!