Mardi Gras Vest Kit


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More Beads, Please!Since 1837, the largely French city of America’s New Orleans has thrown a party so big and so outrageous, it is known by people all around the globe. Also known as Fat Tuesday, this massive parade has its origins in the Christian calendar, but today it is generally known as its own event. Dancing, costumes, beads, delicious foods—what’s not to like? Even if you don’t live in Louisiana, you can celebrate Mardi Gras in the comfort of your own home with the help of this Adult Mardi Gras Vest Kit. It’s always Mardi Gras when you have this kit to work with! Product DetailsMardi Gras is proud to be colorful, loud, and a bit garish, so that’s the theme for the pieces in this kit! The vest is probably the most outrageous piece, with a purple and yellow diamond pattern on one side and solid green on the other. The matching bowtie has the same checkered pattern, while the band is green. The hat comes in separate pieces, so don’t be alarmed when you open the box! It assembles easily. The beads are not included, but those are easy to find. The more necklaces, the better!