Makeup Palette Kit: Clown


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There’s Nothing ScarierSo…you’ve decided to be a clown for Halloween. Gulp. Ok. You must be really brave—everyone knows there is nothing scarier than a clown. Nothing. And we’ve seen it all. There’s been a lot of research into why people find clowns so disturbing. Some say it’s the oversized features. Others tout the many scary films in the mainstream media. But we think it’s all that scary clown makeup. Ugh. It’s positively skin-tingling! So if you’re ready to turn yourself into a real clown who’s bound to raise hairs at Halloween, then you’ll need this Clown Makeup Kit! Whether you’re opting to be a friendly circus clown (sorry, but still frightening) or a deranged killer clown, you’ll need a face-painted look that announces your arrival into the clown world. Good luck. Really, we hope you come back in one piece!Product DetailsThis kit gives you four hues—white, red, black, and blue—as well as an applicator brush and a sponge for easy application. The makeup is water-activated, meaning it will dry fast and won’t smudge, and proves easy to remove with just a bit of soap and water. So pick your perfect clown persona and get painting—you’re going to scare the pants off of everyone you meet tonight.