Makeup Kit Devil


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That Itch You Can’t ScratchHave you ever noticed that there are about a hundred words for the devil? Lucifer. Prince of darkness. Even Old Scratch, whatever that means! The head honcho of hell has a big bad reputation and it totally makes sense. Not only is he supposed to be responsible for all the bad stuff on earth but he’s also a suave musician. Seriously? He’s still keeping the fiddle cool after all these years. If you’re ready to take on one of his many monikers this Halloween, make sure you do it right with a makeup kit that’ll keep your skin hot even while you’re far away from the mouth of hell. Product DetailsThis high-quality makeup only needs a little water to activate the rich color. Adding water yourself is handy as you can thin it out for details and or sponging it on. And once the makeup is dried, you don’t have to worry about it smearing. The horns will top your look off in just the demonic way you crave!Say, Hell-o!Are you ready to transform? Put on your horns and you’ll be ready spread some delightful fear! Who knew evil incarnate was such a fabulous look?