Make America Drunk Again Beer Belt




A Slogan we Can Believe InPresident Hoover once said that there should be a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.Your campaign slogan is a bit simpler and yet, much more fun. There should be a beer for every koozie and a bottle opener for every drawer! Oh yeah, and some delicious buffalo wings on the side wouldn’t hurt either. Ooh, with blue cheese, please.What makes for a good politician? Solid chicken wings? No way. It’s really best to lead by example. If you want your supporters to relax with one or two relaxing cold beverages you should always have plenty of brewskies on hand or, in this case, on the hip. Nothing says every man like cold ones hanging at the ready! Product DetailsYou’ll have room on this length adjustable patriotic belt for a variety of six beers, or soda, or water, or anything canned. A potential voter is more into amber ale than your typical pilsner? Hey, Broheim, no problem! You’ve got that stashed in your oddball pocket to the far left because you’re a different candidate than people are used to. You’ll bridge the bipartisan gap. You have a vision for America and it involves chatting openly about things over a nice, cold brew!Politic ResponsiblyOf course, this belt makes beer carrying handy, but as always, no matter who you are, always abide by the law and drink responsibly!