Magic Carpet Aladdin Tapestry Throw


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A Friend Like HimAladdin has many different friends that help him throughout the movie, but one of our favorites is the Magic Carpet. When we first meet him, he’s fairly shy but curious as he follows Aladdin and Abu around the Cave of Wonders. Then we quickly learn that he’s actually quite intelligent and helpful. We think his animation is especially brilliant, because Carpet is one of the most expressive characters we’ve ever seen, considering that he doesn’t make any noise or even have a face. But we still know what he’s thinking—whether he’s surprised or annoyed. And he’s one of Aladdin’s most loyal companions, so we have to love him for that.Product DetailsIf you’d like to bring home a great friend, check out this Aladdin Magic Carpet Tapestry Throw. The purple and red pattern looks just like Carpet from the movie, and it has a fringe all the way around for some added flair. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to figure out exactly how Carpet flies, so this one won’t be able to take you around the world while you sing with your loved one. However, it will be able to keep you warm and cozy! It’s the perfect thing to cuddle up on the couch with while you rewatch this Disney classic.