Mad Scientist Costume for Kid’s


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Mad ScienceDoes your child have an intense passion for science? Do they ever want to try strange and possibly, dangerous, experiments? Well then, you might just have a mad scientist in the making! Some kids just have that powerful mix of an insatiable curiosity and a need to test the very limits of reality and if your child is walking down that path, then it’s time to give them the encouragement they need to unleash their genius.Of course, you might need to give your little one a bit of guidance, since mad scientists always either end up becoming lovable crackpots, or crazed villains who cause trouble for superheroes. Of course, the first thing they’ll need before they can choose their path, is a very science-y outfit! This Girl’s Mad Scientist Costume will help your little one get the look she needs.Design & DetailsThis costume is a Made by Us exclusive, which is design to satisfy the curiosity of any would-be mad scientist. The costume comes with a dress that looks like a wild suit top, with a two-tone pattern and a printed necktie. The skirt portion is a bright green that looks like an experiment in and of itself! The lab coat fits over the dress and has tons of science-related details. It has a printed lab rat, test tubes, periodic table elements, and plenty more on it. The costume also comes with a pair of green gloves to round out the look. To top it all off, the included goggles have swirly lenses on the front to really give your child the mad scientist look!Choosing a PathWhether your child is a villainous mastermind, or just a girl who really loves science, this costume will give her the look she needs! She’ll be ready to conduct her strange experiments!