Lunchables Little Kids Costume


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Leader of the Snack Attack PackYour little one is the king of snacks. The maven of munchies. The goddess of grazing. Your purse has transformed into a sea of single-serving snack bags, in case your tot rears their hangry little head. Your glove compartment holds raisins and pretzels and granola bars in case of a snacking emergency. But now, your kiddo may have met their snacking match with this Little Kid’s Lunchables Costume!This costume captures the old-school original snacks-for-lunch concept. These are the Lunchables you packed when you were a kid. If it’s possible for crackers and cheese and deli meat to make you nostalgic, well, then this is it! This costume is the perfect blend of humor, originality, and…well…snack love, all in one look. Let those other kids keep their ninja and witch costumes. Your child is unique—and now everyone can see them for what they are: the leader of the snack attack pack!Product DetailsThis officially licensed (no Lunchables knock-offs here, please!) costume is easy to wear because that’s what Lunchables are all about—ease! It’s a one-piece tunic that slips over your child’s head. The tunic has an exact replica of a Lunchables Ham and Cheese box printed on the front. Your kid can wear it over their own favorite clothes for a Halloween costume so comfy, they’ll never want to take it off!Warning: May Cause HungerJust make sure you have plenty of hearty snacks on hand to help your child get through Halloween in this costume. It’s bound to make them hungry, and candy just won’t cut it.