Lost Dog Costume


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Dog owners know all about the terrible feeling of losing their beloved furry companion. It goes hand in hand with tons of crying, feelings of hopelessness, sleepless nights, bargaining with unknown entities. Oh, and did we mention all the crying? Because there are always tons of tears once the floodgates break. However, when you wear this Lost Dog Costume, tragedy will be the furthest thing from everyone’s mind!This hilarious costume will have everyone rolling on the floor this Halloween. Toss on the bodysuit and the pink polka dot dress, add an old lady wig along with some jewelry that an elderly gal would wear, and then run around with the included lost puppy sign. Throw some hysterical sobbing into the act and you’ll be sure to have crowds of people laughing to the point of tears. Just keep in mind that it will be all about timing in this costume. First, you have to make a scene about your darling pup having gone missing that grabs everyone’s attention. Then, once all eyes are on you, turn around and reveal the poor stuffed puppy toy trapped in the keister of this costume!Studies show that if done right, this gag can bring an entire room down to their knees in laughter. So we can provide the costume but it will be up to you to bring the ‘funny’. Now’s the time to start practicing your old lady impression as well as your fake sobbing because Halloween is always right around the corner. Give everyone a hilarious treat this year when you run around in this Lost Dog Costume!