Lilo & Stitch Adult Neck Gaiter


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Such a CharacterEveryone has their favorite character, that one persona from film or TV that inspires something special in them. For you, that character is Stitch, the loveable “dog” from Lilo & Stitch! Since Stitch is so powerful for you, there’s really no telling what you may do when you slip into this Lilo & Stitch Neck Gaiter. Maybe you will remain perfectly calm and simply hand out Halloween candy to the neighborhood kids as planned. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll take on some of Stitch’s energy and instead build a replica of San Francisco out of all that candy…and then destroy it!Whatever you get up to in this multipurpose piece, it’s sure to be a good time! Stitch brings an air of unpredictable fun. And we think everyone could use that right about now. Product DetailsThis gaiter is one-size-fits-most for adults, and it features a blue fabric covered in smiling Stitch faces. It’s officially licensed and completely cute, and we can’t wait to see how wearing your favorite character influences your day. Sport it for a run in the park, a family picnic, or an outdoor movie screening, and let Stitch keep you cozy, comfortable, and charged up for fun!