Light Up Red Christmas Suitmeister Men’s Suit


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The Holliest and the JolliestThe company Christmas party was a happy affair. Every year it was something the employees looked forward to, not a simple obligation like most people. Then Bill and Greg were hired right around the same time, just after Thanksgiving. Both claimed that they were the bigger Christmas fan. First Bill decked his cubicle in tinsel, then Greg started bringing fresh Christmas cookies in, every day! They competed to see who could play carols the loudest when they pulled up in the morning or who could come up with a brand new Christmas joke. Everyone was at the edge of their seats to see which of the new guys would outdress the other for the Christmas party’s ugly sweater competition. Spoiler alert: they both lost. They wore gaudy knits, that’s for certain. But no body’s outfit could beat the boss’s as he strolled up to the affair in a holiday suit that literally twinkled with Christmas lights. Now, that’s one way to cool the Christmas competition! Costume DetailsThis Christmas suit is just the thing to bring your holiday spirit to the next level! Not only does it sport a bright pattern of cartoonish snowmen, trees, and innocent mittens, but it literally twinkles with LED lights sewn between the lining and shell. The slim fit suit is paired with a matching tie and pants. With elastic sections at the side and a zipper fly at the front, these pants are built for holiday feasting and remaining comfortable at the same time. Straighten your tie and button the jacket and you’ll feel like a Christmas boss whether you’re singing carols door to door or celebrating pub to pub for an ugly Christmas sweater bar crawl! Merry GentlemenWhile some might express their love of the holidays through food or music, you wear your feeling for the season on your sleeves. Do it in a colorful style when you slip into this look and celebrate the holidays!