Lederhosen Megamorph Adult Costume


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A Bad Case of Beer BloatThe delicacies of Oktoberfest are endless. There are soft pretzels, freshly baked and dipped in mustard or cheese. There are schnitzels and spätzles of all sorts. There are mounds of different kinds of sauerkraut to try. Hot tip: sauerkraut is good with anything. From sausages to potatoes, hand that pickled cabbage over! And let’s not forget the beer. Lovely light and bubbly pints of beer are a key element of Oktoberfest. It’s featured in all sorts of activities like stein holding competitions to breweries rolling out their brand new brews. The thing is, after two salty weeks of carb-based festivities, folks are sure to feel the bloat after a while. This year, don’t be ashamed, wear this inflatable Oktoberfest ensemble. Product DetailsThese Megamorph inflatable costumes know no limit! This white inflatable suit is printed with a deep green lederhosen with flowered straps on the chest. Whether you’re walking in a parade or standing out in the Oktoberfest crowd, you’ll have a great time in this hilarious inflatable suit. All you need to do is add batteries to the motor to keep air flowing in your nylon suit. This is one way to shake up the age-old German lederhosen tradition!Make Space on the DancefloorWhile Oktoberfest crowds might be tight, people are sure to make room for your polka moves on the dance floor when you’re wearing an ensemble as ridiculous as this one. We’d love to see you jamming to a cheerful mix of tuba and accordion when wearing this costume. Plus you won’t have to worry about fitting into fitted lederhosen as you’re partaking in all the delicious treats and beverages. Hmm, we’d say that’s the best of both worlds. It’s time to strike up that band and change that polka lifestyle for good!