League of Their Own Luxury Adult Dottie Costume For Women


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No Splits Required When you’re trying to ensure that there is a solid future for the All American Girl’s Professional Baseball League, you sometimes have to go the extra mile to bring in the fans. Folks are used to a lot of sportsmanship and athletic prowess, after all. Fortunately for you, you’ve got the skills to keep things interesting. Not only are you a master of sportswomanship, we suspect that you’ve got a few moves that the regular baseball fans have never seen. Now, that doesn’t mean you are going to have to be doing any surprising acrobatic maneuvers. We know that Dottie Hinson got the fans to stand up in their seats thanks to that catching-the-ball and doing-the-splits display. And, by all means, if you’ve limbered up enough to do so, we can guarantee that’ll make quite the Instagram moment. But we suspect that you’ll manage to get a full round of applause just by turning up in the official costume of the AAGPBL! Design & DetailsGet yourself geared up for the Hall of Fame when you dress in our Made by Us Dottie Hinson costume. Part of our A League of Their Own line of officially licensed costumes, this look was put together by our in-house design team to help you live out your baseball dreams. The costume includes a short-sleeved pink dress with a hidden zipper and asymmetrical bodice. The shorts, knee-high socks, faux leather belt, and Rockford Peach’s baseball cap complete this iconic look. The Halloween HustleWhile you might not need to master the splits to pull off this A League of Their Own Dottie Hinson costume, you might find that you’re in the mood to create a whole new set of victory moves. We recommend a little dance when you bat yourself a homerun! If only we could come up with a name to match the look!