Latex Zombie Rot Costume Accessory


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Crawler CrudAfter a few years into the zombie crisis, people would be used to seeing creepy undead zombies of all sorts. Most of them would be pretty ancient at this point. Decomposing clothes, a slow, limping stroll, and all sorts of injuries from months to years of scrambling after the living through all sorts of obstacles. At that point, those mobile zombies would be the least of the survivor’s worries. The true danger would lie in the crawlers or squatters. Zombies that are stuck in the underbrush or the stinking mud of a swamp could grab an ankle if ever a survivor strayed off the beaten path. Do you want to become one of the most dangerous of all zombies? This latex zombie rot kit will make you look like an ancient undead wanderer that’s been lingering deep in the damp underbrush. Product DetailsYou can get disturbing and creative with this grisly zombie rot kit. The latex easily melts onto your skin, creating a gooey look. You’ll get .30 ounces of powder that you can easily activate with hot water. Detailed instructions are included so don’t be afraid of trying something new! Eerie and versatile, this kit can create all sorts of unsettling characters!