Latex Pinocchio Nose for Adults


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Truth and ConsequencesWhat would happen if you could only tell the truth? Maybe you think you already tell the truth. But think about it. Do you really? We tell lies for so many reasons. Sometimes we tell lies to make the people around us feel good or we tell lies to stop the people around us from feeling bad. Those are two different things, believe it or not. Then there are those lies that we tell to get ourselves out of trouble big or small. There are fibs we don’t even realize we tell. Then there are lies that we’ll never forget for better or worse. Maybe we pulled a little mischief off when we were young and lied to our teacher and we have gloated about it ever since.But all those lies, the good, the bad, and the ugly are impossible for poor Pinnochio. Poor puppet boy. He might be able to sing and dance but he’ll never be able to tell his teacher that she sings nicely when she’s off-key or his classmate that he likes their painting when it’s a real mess. It would be a real problem!Product DetailsThis product will let you look just like Pinocchio while letting you get away with little fibs. The long nose is hilarious and easy to apply. It can be applied with the spirit gum found in our special effects makeup category. So add this to make your Pinnochio costume extra effective. It’s super cute and we’re not lying!