Latex Nose: Mouse


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Adorable AnimalsIt’s great fun to dress up as various characters, and there are so many to choose from! You could be a princess, a superhero, a witch, or a wizard. But other times, when you’re looking for something a little different, it can be even more fun to dress up as another species. Unfortunately, even if we’re wearing a giraffe costume, our faces are still very human-looking. One of the worst things you can hear while wearing a creative costume is “What are you supposed to be?” Avoid the awkward question (and having to respond “I’m a mouse, duh!”) with this mouse latex nose.Product DetailsIf you need to make it clear that you love cheese and can intimidate any elephant you meet, try this mouse latex nose! You can cover up your own all-too-human nose to give that realistic look to any rodent costume. Add ears and a tail, and you’ll be ready to run away from any cats you meet!Say Cheese!This mouse latex nose is the perfect accessory to have on hand for a quick, easy rodent costume. It’s an easy way to take your costume from “What are you?” to “That’s really cool!”