Latex Night Stalker Zombie Applique


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A Few Wrong TurnsOk, you’ve got to admit it. You weren’t ready for the zombie apocalypse. Getting taken down in the first few days was super disappointing since you were a big fan of zombie movies! But when the alarm went out, you found yourself living in a garden-level apartment and absolutely nothing to barricade your windows with. So of course, you high-tailed it out of there. And instead of using an alternative route out of town, you got stuck on the interstate bridge! The interstate bridge! You were just thinking about how you’ve seen this exact scene so many times that it was almost a cliche when the wave of undead came and you had to make a run for it. You knew you didn’t have much of a chance. Unfortunately, the mob that got you was of the fast variety. So now you’re stuck with a skin condition and a hankering for flesh. Hey, at least you aren’t going to make any more panic-based decisions!Product DetailsNo matter what the story behind your zombie transformation might be, this zombie special effect kit will be a frightful addition to your costume.  Apply the latex scars with spirit gum. Uncomfortably realistic looking, this kit comes with detailed instructions for application and removal. Maybe you’re not apocalypse ready, but you sure are prepared for your next costumed event!