Latex Ears: Elf


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Ears of the YearYou’ve heard of self-care. So allow us to introduce you to…Elf-care! It’s the easiest way to show your Halloween costume look some serious love. Because look, we don’t like to bring up last year’s costume contest, but it really was this close. Your neighbor, Lacey McFadden, just edged you out for the title. That Lacey! She’s always trying to one-up you. When you put spiderwebs out on your trees, she bought a 10-foot hairy spider for her lawn. When you decided to host a costume party, Lacey threw her own on the same day. And when you went head-to-head at the neighborhood costume contest, Lacey’s look took home the blue ribbon. Argh! But not this year. This year, you will create a costume so majestic, so realistic, so eye-catching that even Lacey will tip her hat to you. This year you will take home the costume grand prize, this year, you have these unbelievable Elf Ears to help you totally transform. Take that, Lacey!Product DetailsThis unique prosthetic pair is crafted from latex and looks so stunning, even your family will do a double-take! There are application instructions included, and spirit gum (not included) is required for a flawless look.