Latex Devil Ear Accessory


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Why is it that folks tend to react so strongly whenever you show up looking spiffy? Heck, they seem to act like the world is ending. It’s darn frustrating. Is it your stunning style? Actually, we think we’ve got a pretty good idea what’s going on. It’s probably that mysterious brimstone and sulfur cologne you’ve got going on. Maybe has something to do with the tail… the horns. The aura of hellfire around you does give you a pretty striking look but there are certain troubling connotations with a devil that gets people nervous! Fortunately, there are some times where those hellish details are not only accepted but actively cheered for!Time to put those details to the test and we’re happy to help hone them with these Latex Devil Ears. They look deviously realistic, but please note that they do require spirit gum to apply and adhesive remover to take them off. The packaging goes over how to apply them best, so don’t worry your evil little head.