Latex Cat Nose for Adults


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Feline FeaturesWhat would you consider the most important feature on a cat? Tough question, right? We thought so too, but then we got to work (and spent way too much time) on detailing what makes each part of a cat worth noticing. Their tails are obviously a good indicator of mood, as are their ears. Their large, bright eyes inspire coos of adoration and sometimes (especially seen in the dark) fear. Discussions about their strong legs and spatially aware whiskers were a hot topic, as were their tiny toe-beans. But then someone suggested something truly nightmarish: a cat without a cat nose. Our decision was made.Product DetailsAre you with us on this? If so, we suggest adding this Adult Latex Cat Nose to your next cat costume to ensure you’re purr-fectly put together and not causing any undue stress to anyone else trying to enjoy their Halloween. This latex prosthetic comes with application and removal instructions to make your job easier. And once you have your nose in place you’ll be free to add any adorable, spooky, or fierce cat makeup you’d like.One More Thing…Don’t forget your Spirit Gum. It’s required to keep this prosthetic in place. Getting this cat nose on without it would be a cat-astrophe.