Lasso’n Cowgirl Plus Size Costume for Women 1X 2X


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A WIN FOR WESTERN WOMENThe Wild West tends to offer up a whole bunch of images of cowboys spitting tobacco chew into the dry land and pairs of black or white clad guys standing off at high noon in the middle of the street, each of them looking equally hostile no matter on which side of the law they stand.  All the machismo is enough to make you roll your eyes with boredom.  Where’s the passion?  You know where it has been hiding?  The bar wench who’s tossing blokes outta the bar!Time for that lass to get a major promotion and get to tossing folks out of town!  It is time for a new sheriff in the West and this one is going to get everything in line with a style with which the old folks couldn’t hope to compete!  Not only does she have the gumption to keep the local bank robbers and train chasers from coming anywhere near this Wild West town, but she’s got the look to make them want to turn their lives around! DESIGN & DETAILSIt was a Wild West adventure when our designers hitched a ride back in time to put together this authentic and high-quality look for your exclusive Lasso’n Cowgirl Costume.  This tan and brown shirt features faux opal snaps and old style accents on the shoulder and down the front.  The skirt zips up the back and has faux suede fringe so you’ll feel like you’ve transported back to an old-time town as well.  The hat is molded felt with shining sequins along the fabric band and can be reshaped with steam.  Pick up a pistol and lasso and show your town who the new sheriff in these parts is!LASSO UP THOSE DOGSWhether you’re on the hunt for wolves prowling the savannah or wrestling up the robbers that are trying to pinch your precious stores, you’ll have sublime success in patrolling your Wild West, tossing the bad guys out of town and sitting the rest of them in cells until it’s time to let them out on good behavior.